Everyone wants that one thing to relieve them from the stress and tension of their day to day activities. It could be music, movie, series, comedy, sports or any other dynamic content.

350+ live tv channels on CMFlix

We all are busy and cannot take the little time we have to rush to movie theaters to sit for more than 2 hours just to watch a movie or spend our weekends for same activity. Technology has made life easy for us such that, while using an app like CMFlix, you need not miss any of your television programmes because you are out of home.

 CMFlix provides you with over 350+ live tv channels, premium African movies, series, comedy and educational content that you can go with them wherever you please. In fact, CMFlix is a television set in your pocket. 

CMFlix is cable tv and more packed in an app. Besides the channels cable tv provides which are all available on CMFlix, you can stream specific movies, have a financial, health and relationship counselor just in one space. Instead of switching between apps to watch specific programmes, why not just install one app (CMFlix) where you can access all what other platforms can offer? This will even help you manage space on your device and give you more focus and satisfaction. Download the CMFlix mobile app now from the Chillen Media app store at