Could CMFlix Be a Timely Solution to a Problem?

You are probably thinking but I have the answer. Has it occurred to you that Cameroonian lovers of cinema have been finding it difficult access and watch most Cameroonian movies, especially those produced by Anglophones? 

Could CMFlix Be a Timely Solution to a Problem?
picture of household enjoying CMFlix on a large screen

For a while now, most Cameroonian movies have ended at the level of premiers. Thereafter, they cannot be found on any major distribution platform. But this trend is about to change because CMFlix is here. CMFlix is a live streaming service where you can stream first class African movies, television shows, comedy and over 250+ live television channels on demand everywhere you go. 

Although it is expected that the trend of things for Cameroon video content producers change because they now have a platform built to promote solely African content, how fast this will be is dependent on how they react towards this new technology, CMFlix.

Download CMFlix now from the Chillen Media app store at  and watch your favorite comedy shows, series and live tv channels anywhere you go.

Meanwhile, the CMFlix iOS app version is still undergoing testing and will be made available to the public soon. But, you can enjoy the web app at